Quality Control

Scrupulous Quality Control By Kutch Minerals

Scrupulous quality control commences with test drilling of deposits prior to mining and thereafter grading and subsequently processing of Bentonite for various applications needed by Customers, right upto packing stage, gives KM Bentonite unique uniformity and consistency. KM Bentonite quality remains consistent from lot to lot, bag to bag and even kilogram to kilogram.

Apart from the ultra modern testing facilities at its own well equipped laboratory, it is the Technically Qualified Trained and dedicated personnel who handle the equipment and execute the program and give Kutch Minerals its “MARK OF QUALITY”.


KM Bentonite provides high gelling when mixed with water (of 10% or above concentration) and developes excellent gelling properties.

KM Bentonite swells 12 to 20 times its original volume in water. The rate of swelling not only depends on the fineness and grade of Bentonite but also on how it is handled while mixing. KM Bentonite swells faster when poured into water as compared to water being poured into it.


KM Bentonite in foundry moulding sand gives high green strength to clay content ratios. Maximum Tensile strength is obtained in Foundry sand, bonded with KM Bentonite which give increased production, cleaner and deeper pattern draws with fewer mould drops. Even naturally – bonded moulding sands show improvement when supplemented with KM Bentonite and increase production, reduce moisture and are used repeatedly. Foundrymen having intensive mixing equipemtnt will find that addition of even small Quantities of KM Bentonite to their facing mixtures (being used) considerably improves workability.


Quick prior and after sale service makes KM Bentonite a much sought after commodity, The regular glittering clientele includes concerns of repute like TATA ENGG. & LOCO. CO. LTD., GOETEZE (INDIA) LTD, BRAKES INDIA LTD, BAJAJ TEMPO LTD, DCM ENGG. PRODUCTS., PORWAL AUTO COMPONENTS LTD, DGP HINDOAY INDUSTRIES LTD, HINDUSTAN PHOTO FILMS LTD, HINDUSTAN AERONAUTICS LTD, BHARAT HEAVY ELECTRICALS LTD, CUMMINS INDIA LTD, etc. etc. and so many other valued customers have been satisfied with the consistency in quality over the years and deliveries as per their schedule. The prior and after sale service with a smile coupled with promptness in communication has enabled us to retain our customers over three and half decades who continue to insist on KM Bentonite, a hallmark of QUALITY.