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Kutch Minerals, is a leading producer and world-wide supplier of a very unique colloid clay called KM Bentonite. From our three production facilities in Wyoming, Kutch Minerals has the capability of supplying a major portion of the worldwide requirement for bentonite.

Kutch Minerals's expertise lies in our proven ability to solve industry's diverse and complex requirements for colloid clay products. At Kutch Minerals, we strive to develop a partnership with each customer so that we may fully understand their individual needs.

Our professional staff can offer products including including viscosities for oil and gas well drilling fluids, foundry sand binders for metal casting, binders for taconite iron ore pellets, sealants for municipal, industrial and hazardous waste containment and industrial and hazardous waste solidification, as well as numerous other custom engineered products for customer's specific industrial applications.

'Kutch Minerals' is the perfect answer to high performance colloids for industry. When you need a dedicated customer-oriented partner to understand and supply your colloid requirements, think of Kutch Mineral, Inc. ,

Applications of KM Bentonite

KM Betonies is economical. Due to its higher bond strength is requirement quantitatively is considerable less then that of other Betonies, thus not only saving money but eliminating expensive storage and handling charges. When foundry men prefer to use more than one type of bonding in the blend, the use of KM Betonies is a great advantage as other place blend well with it again as due to its high durability, a minimum quantity only will be required for rebounding.

Molten Metal Being Poured into sand mould containing KM's Bentonite

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As an antisetting Agent, KM'S UM Brand super fine Bentonite powder is much in demand for use in detergent industry and by ultramarine Blue manufacturers.

KM Bentonite also especially processes Bentonite under Brand Name MAXBOND SPECIAL for use in Refractories as inner lining in furnaces, to prevent erosion of molten metals form destroying these.

The Suyperfine Bentonite Powder-SF brand is exclusively and extensively used by pencil industry to bind the graphite compound into pencil lead.

Apart from specific Brands and their respective applications described above, other major applications of KM Bentonite are:

COATINGS - As a base.
CEMENTS & PLASTERS:- As a plasticizing agent.
WATER IMPEDANCE:- As a barrier.
INSECTICIDES:- As a carrier.
ADHESIVES:-As a thickener.
INSULATION:- As a binder.
PORCELAIN:- As a suspending agent.
PAPER INDUSTRY:- As a pitch control agent.
SEWER PIPES:- As a lubricant and sealant.
PRINTINGS:- As a suspending agent.
CERAMICS:- As a plasticizer.


Small amounts of KM'S FEED GRADE BENTONITE based in these operations promote integrity of the cubes and pellets and, when eaten, slows the digestive movement allowing ruminants to absorb additional amounts of important nutrients form fodder consumed.

Iron Ore

Much of the world's supply of iron ore is produced from a hard rock called taconite, which is ground to a very fine powder to produce iron ore concentrate. KM's IOP GRADE BENTONITE is added to the iron ore concentrate to act as a binder, facilitating the formation of iron ore pellets. The pellets are then fed to the blast furance for steel making.

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INDOGEL is also used in the slurry french method for constructing in-place structural concrete walls and foundation where its excellent viscosity and fluid control characteristics help to ensure french dimensional uniformity and verticality properties which are critical in structural applications. indogel also facilitates the use of low solids slurry systems which help to ensure the accuracy of placement and strength which help to ensure the accuracy of placement and strength of the concrete which is injected into the trench.


For drilling Mud and pile foundation, KM under Brand name INDOGEL processes Bentonite which has excellent gelling properties providing consistent quality conforming to O C M A specification. Its higher yield values and lower filtration loss cause reduction in its consumption to a very appreciable extent. It is an excellent suspending agent and a hole sealer.

oncentration of Bentonite. gms/100 mls


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